At nine years old,

I knew and vehemently declared at nine that I was an artist! My earliest art memories was in the 4TH grade doing a large painting with tempera of a three mast, Barque rigged, sailing ship heeling in a storm. (similar to the painting above)  The other kids were painting lolly pop trees and flowers. That is when I knew.  After high school, I went to work for IBM in San Jose, CA in the Electronics R&D Department making cool things. I soon realized that making my own cool art was still my passion and so I returned to school. After several years of school taking drawing and painting classes, I took a "Pottery class".  At the end of that semester I quit school, bought a small gas kiln, clay and started my art studio that became my life’s work.





                                     Born in Los Angeles, California

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: (FOCUS: Drawing/Sculpture/Ceramics)

            1984-85           Laney City College, Oakland, CA

            1978                Chicago Electrical Institute, Chicago, IL

            1965-67           Valley Jr. College, Van Nuys, CA

            1962                San Jose City College, San Jose, CA


            1980                Val Cushing, Alfred University, New York, NY

            1980                David Middlebrook, San Jose, CA

            1979                Ken Ferguson, Kansas State University, KS

            1979                William Daley, University of Pennsylvania, PA


            1977-80          Ruth Duckworth Studio, Chicago, IL

                                  As Ruth's assistant I was responsible for the operation                                    of her ceramic sculpture studio.  Preparation of clay                                        and glazes, firing of  kilns, sculpture installations as                                        well as just learning in her shadow.


         2017-18            Dank Haus Invitational group exhibit, Chicago IL

                                Two large porcelain wall sculptures exhibited. 

                                  Roots Salon/Gallery, Chicago IL

                                Solo show of 14 new porcelain wall sculptures.

        2016                 Environmental Encroachment, performance Brass                                      Band,  Chicago IL

                                Design / fabricate 30’ whale/shadow puppet that eats                                  the band. 15’ Pirate Galleon, 5’ Carrot cross made of                                      orange plush, 7' Puppet for Chicago Halloween parade. 

        2015                 Dank Haus Invitational group exhibit, Chicago IL                                      Three new porcelain wall sculptures exhibited.

        2014                “Portrait/Masks”, Jupiter Outpost Gallery, Chicago Il

                                Clay portraits/masks of my imaginary friends.

        2011-12             “Out in Chicago” and “Magic”, Chicago History                                         Museum, Chicago, IL

                                Freelance Exhibit Designer, PA for “OUT IN CHICAGO”                                    Documentary film and my life's story was also                                                included in of the exhibit.

        2010                 The “Square” Series, PIANTE Gallery, Eureka, Ca

                                  Solo show of Porcelain /Stainless Steel Wall                                                    Sculptures and large porcelain bowls

         2010                 Anomaly Art Exhibition, Arts and Culture Alliance,                                   Knoxville, TN

                                 Porcelain and Stainless-Steel Wall Sculptures                                                  exhibited.

         2010                Clayton Center for the Arts Gallery, Maryville, TN

                                Porcelain Sculpture and bowls in group show.

         2009                Arts in the Airport, Juried Show, Knoxville, TN

                                Smoke Fired Porcelain/Steel Wall Sculpture “Dark                                            energy” selected for exhibit

         2009                Terra Madre, Woman in Clay”, Invitational Group                                       Show, Knoxville, Tn

                                Porcelain Wall Sculptures exhibited.

         2008               Could’a, Should’a, Would’a, Oak Ridge Art Center,                                      Oak Ridge, TN

                                Juried Show, Pencil drawing under Encaustic/Found                                        metal on Birch plywood.

         2007                Oak Ridge Art Center, Oak Ridge, TN                                                         porcelain/Mixed Media Wall Sculptures.

         2006                Spirituality” Mighty Mud Gallery, Knoxville, TN

                                Solo Show, Mixed media/Porcelain Wall                                                           Sculptures.       

         1994                Secrets, Mars Gallery, Chicago, IL

                                 Presentation of 25 Drawings and Metal Sculptures

          1990               Lill Street Gallery, Chicago, IL

                                  4th Annual Great Lakes Invitational Show

  1989-2005               O’Sullivan Dunlap Studios, Models & Props Etc.,                                        WOW FACTORY, Chicago, IL     

                                Owner-Designer of a premier fabrication Art Studio for                                   Commercial  clients, Ad Agencies, Museums, Trade                                          shows, Restaurants and Medical Prototypes. 

                                PARTIAL LIST OF COLLECTORS

       San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA

       Harley Davidson Museum, Milwaukee, WI

       Samata Design Associates, Dundee, IL

       Wielgus Product Models, Chicago, IL

       Hawthorne Interior Design, Chicago, IL

       Holly Stevens, Chicago, IL

       Dem Hopkins, Esq., Chicago, IL

       Bruce Bussey, Maryville TN

       Daniel Kumler, Pacifica, CA

       Gill Street Design, Knoxville, TN

       Gaylon Emerzian, Evanston, IL

       Josiah Olsen, Chicago, IL

       Andrew Matelnick, Evanston, IL

       Ira Sapir, Chicago, IL

       Margeaux Klein, Chicago, IL

       Sylvia Andrews, Dallas, TX

       Wan Ling Louie, Hayward, CA

       Mary Deery, Wilmette, IL

       Elliott and Sarah Goulb, Wilmette, IL

       Steven Cook, La Jolla, CA

       Sheila Dunlap, San Francisco, CA

        Bruce Robbins, Lill Street Studios, Chicago, IL

        Dr. Thomas Carlson, Chicago, IL




I have been very fortunate to have met and studied with many of the top ceramic teachers and artists over the years. The most influential for me among that list was the late Ruth Duckworth. I had the privilege of working as her studio assistant for 3 years therein, solidifying my educational art journey. Life’s many other journeys; beliefs, family, work, illness all  contribute to the art that comes from our hearts.

I now live and create in Chicago. I draw, photograph and make sculpture. My primary sculpture medium is porcelain fired to 2100f. My glazes are all designed to make the most of random /controlled interactions with my porcelain canvasses. Most works are fired multiple times to achieve  the required intent with the elements.

Also as a practicing Buddhist, my artwork is entwined with our human experience. The porcelain allows me to renders the beauty and chaos that we call our lives. 

Elain O'Sullivan